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Friday, 07 April 2017

New Menu April 2017

Warning! This will make you Very Hungry!

Whilst you’ve all been enjoying the rare good weather this last month has brought us, Chef and the team have been quite busy experimenting with new dishes.

As we step into our third solid year as Rookwood Bar & Cue we thought it was time to revamp an old favourite and bring some new BBQ sensations to the table.

We aim to satisfy your taste buds, fill your stomachs to the brim and convince you to try some new flavours. 

SOOOO after some long hours and some crispy trial & errors we are ready to present to you our new dishes of 2017 due to be on out this April.

combo food



Here is a run through of some of our favourite additions.

Wine Braised Short Rib

Short rib

Now this is a blast from the past. Known a couple of years ago for lob siding our Sticky Boards, the short rib was a big favourite with customers & staff alike. Now it’s back and it’s better than ever. We start these beauties by sealing them on our Inka BBQ grill, we then sink them in red wine, add herbs & vegetables, then slow cook for at least 8 hours. Once tender we reduce all the remaining stock to make a beautiful sauce to top the rib but not before laying it on some buttery chorizo mash potato.

This will feature as a starter but also return to our sticky board!

The Picky Board

Picky Board


This sharing platter is a combination of some new and old starter & side dishes so you and your friends can have a taste of everything! Served as a starter for 2/3 people you get halloumi chunks, 2 lots of chicken wings, pulled pork & cheese nachos, onion rings & glazed bacon chunks. A great way to warm your appetite for your impending meat feast (and yes we realise it’s not actually on a board) ?

The Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron

A juicy & flavourful cut of beef, cut from the shoulder of the beast and best served medium rare/medium. This new age cut has grown popular amongst steak lovers worldwide over the past few years due to its affordability & tenderness. We dry age our Flat Iron (like all our steaks) for at least 30 days in a Himalayan Salt Chamber. We then simply BBQ it to your liking and serve it with charred veg, garlic new potatoes & blue cheese kale. A classic but popular dish.

The Goober Burger


The original Goober Burger has been famous in America for years for being Elvis’s favourite burger! Our rendition consists of a Belgian waffle topped with a 6oz beef patty, fried egg, candied bacon, peanut butter & strawberry jam. This is no ordinary burger ladies and gentlemen. Whilst our normal approach to burgers is simply high quality beef with flavoursome high quality toppings this burger makes us step out of our comfort zone a little, but once we tried it…. It had to go on the menu. A must try for all the sweet tooth’s out there. The sweet and savoury edge to this burger really sets it apart.

The Big Macca

Big Macca

So, with the Beatles celebrating 50 years since the release of   Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album we thought we would dedicate our next creation to Sir Paul McCartney himself.  So, we decided to create something as big as his career (well nearly as big)! This monster consists 2 x 6oz beef patties, 2 rashers of unsmoked back bacon, gherkins, a double helping of Monterey Jack cheddar cheese and our secret recipe “Big Macca” sauce. All served on a brioche bun with beef dripping chips & house ‘slaw. To any of you true McCartney fans out there we can also knock you up a vegetarian version of this beast!

Candied Bacon & Apple Waffles


This dish is the brain child of one our managers who has been trying to combine the genius of candied bacon into a tasty dessert for as long as we have known him! After many near misses he has struck home with this simple masterpiece. You may be thinking…”Bacon in a pudding!” but we implore you to try it!  2 warm Belgian waffles topped with candied bacon, sweet stewed apple slices, whipped cream & a sweet bacon syrup. Let us know what you think!

Well that’s all I’m showing you for now peeps but keep an eye on our social media for more updates or last minute changes! We all hope to see you guys soon and please let us know what you think of our new dishes!

See you soon

Mike & The Rookwood Team

The next installment of The Great Rookwood Brew Off is scheduled for 6th Aprilwith a Spring-inspired menu,
the details of which can be found on our HERETickets are selling fast so be sure to book ASAP.
Remember this is a pre-paid ticketed even so your best booking by calling us directly on.. 
0151 709 0999 
Who will be the victor? You decide!
For any newcomers to the Brew Off scene it is a food & beer pairing evening where we set 3 Craft Brewers off
against each other to win the famous Brew Off Trophy!
Our team of chefs put together a taste bud tingling 6 course small plate menu & cook it off for the brewers to try.
The brewers then choose two dishes a piece and pick two beers they would best match to their dishes.
Here's where it gets interesting..... on the evening they take it in turns to tell you about themselves, the beer & the pairing
they've made whilst you try it all for  yourself and mark each course on its pairing! The course with the most votes wins!
So as it's winner stays on the Mad Hatter, the current reigning champions will go head to head
with Top Rope & Chapter Brewing Company!
It's a fantastic evening for beer & food lovers and at only £30 a ticket for 6 courses & 6 beers it's certainly value for money.
So don't waste any time and give us a call and book your tickets!
The Winners Trophy
The Winners Trophy!
Here's what one of the Brewers from our last year thought, 
"I was absolutely delighted to win. Being such a new brewery it felt a little like going in to the lions den against two breweries that
are so established and highly respected. Both Cloudwater and 7 BRO7HERS have a great selection of beers and I was already a big fan of both."
Glenn from Red Star Brewery in Formby
Hope to see you all soon peeps!
Mike & The Team
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