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About Us

To us, there is no big secret, no magic formula to what we are about. Sourcing the highest possible quality produce, from local suppliers is key. We grill all of our meats, to give them a great smoky flavour, using sustainably-sourced hardwood on our Inka grill.

The beef used for our steaks & burgers is from Albert Matthews, a North West family butcher established in 1935, who dry-age all of their beef for 28 days in England’s only Himalayan Salt Chamber. The chamber uses pink salt created during the formation of the Himalayas to draw moisture out of the meat, giving it a unique sweet flavour.

We are proud to have been recently named one of the Top Ten BBQ Restaurants in Britain by the Daily Telegraph.

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11 Back Colquitt Street
Liverpool city centre, L1 4DE

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 5pm-1am
(Kitchen closes 10pm).
Friday 5pm-3am
(kitchen closes 10.30pm)
Saturday 12pm-3am
(kitchen closes 10.30pm)
Sunday 12pm-1am
(Kitchen closes 10pm)

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Tel: 0151 709 0999
Email: enquiries@rookwoodliverpool.co.uk

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